Pattern and Pie

There were a couple of questions on yesterday’s post and since the askers are regular readers, I thought answering them here would make better sense than emailing.

Tracey commented:

I love that you had pie in your day, I love pie. How did you make the gf crust? This whole gf eating is so new to me and I am struggling with my baking. To be honest, I just do without and bake with normal flour for my guys. Sigh, I miss bread.

Yes, yes, and yes! The gluten free thing isn’t “new” to me the way it was a few months ago, but I’m less than a year in, and it’s HARD! Hard not to just substitute foods for what we were already eating. Hard to find recipes that fit our family but are still nutritious. Hard to make the things I love without effort and frustration.


This pie crust was the best thing I’ve made yet. (The photos are from that link too… I didn’t take these) It was light, flaky, tasted good, and baked up to perfection. The one thing I noticed was I needed quite a bit more water. I went with my gut and it turned out ok… some recipes you can’t do that with. Maybe I just got lucky?


I encourage you to try this crust if you don’t have one in your recipe box already. My mom and Amante both agreed that they would have been hard pressed to tell that it was GF if I hadn’t told them.

Steph commented:

Those latvian mitts!!! WOW. I love them. Pattern??? (I know you’ve changed it up….but what did you start with? great. yep. I’m really gushing.)

The mitt pattern is this one. I did a latvian braid for the bottom edge, about ten rows of one by one two color rib, another latvian braid, two rows of plain knit, and then started the  original “argyle” check on the back of the hand, and the one by one check on the palm of the hand.

Happy baking and knitting friends!


Odds and Ends

Big Bang Theory is on the tv. I can’t remember the last time I sat and watched. There seems to always be something going on these days. Between school, the small amount of knitting I have gotten done, baking pies (because some days just call for pie), and spending time with Little J and her mom the days are full.


The knitting on my lap is mitts for a friend. Remember these? They are for my friend Pat whose hands are always cold at bedtime in the Fall and Winter. I meant to have them done for her by now… oops. She’s going to be out of town for the next few days and I hope to find the time to finish them by the time she gets back.

I am loving my fair isle mitts.


The front is being knitted as the pattern is written. I like the checks, and I love the way it’s working out with the red and blue. But… I found that doing it all the way around the glove was a lot for me. I kept making mistakes on the palm side.


That’s why I decided to do a simple check on the palm. It gives me a chance to practice my two handed color work, adds a contrast to the front, and somehow seems more “nordic” to me. I guess between that and the Latvian Braids I added, it’s also one more reminder that I can’t leave a pattern alone. It’s not that writers do a bad job! It’s more that I like things the way I like them!


I made pie the other day. It was my first gluten free crust and it turned out really well! I had apples, and then we had pie… yum!

IMG_7347Last but not least, these two have been having such fun together! Little J is our next door neighbor. Her mom has been working on various projects around the house, and that’s given us lots of hang out time! They were being nurses yesterday and I just had to share the picture with you.

I want you to know that whether you call it grabbing life by the horns or “busy”, I’ve decided to stop apologizing for not being in this space. There are so many mornings when all I want to do is sit down and write a post. I get to the mid afternoon and realize that I haven’t posted or knit or read or… and I decide to spend with my daughter and neighbor instead. I don’t know what the future here is.

I DO know I would miss you all dreadfully if I just let it lapse. My heart says it’s not time to let it go… so I will be here.

I’m just not making any promises as to how regular it will be.

{Yarn Along} Begin Again

Yarning Along with Ginny:

I had to rip back my fingerless gloves.


I am not happy.

The upside? I get to start them with a Latvian braid. Upon discovering how easy this technique actually was, I really wanted the mitts to start with a braided edging, but it didn’t seem worth it to rip them back just for that. When I dropped a stitch that I couldn’t recover, it seemed the perfect time to add one.

My reading is much the same: sporadic, at best. And it’s my month to choose for book club…  ugh!

I hope your knitting is moving along better than mine is right now!