Well, Hello

It’s been a week.

A long week.

An anxious, kid sick, “What next? Really? That too?” week for me.

Hopefully I’ll be back here regularly soon… until then, prayers are appreciated, friends.

{Yarn Along} Finished Cloche

Yarning along with Ginny:

I finished the hat for my friend over the weekend. It needs to be soaked and blocked tomorrow, and then I can pass it off to her. She is very pleased. I personally feel that it could have been a little longer in the crown, but the customer is always right, right?


I’ve moved on to baby things for a friend who just found out she’s expecting. Not knitting, not quite, but definitely looking and ogling patterns for her! It’s their first baby, and I’m so excited for them!

My reading has slowed some, but I’m still enjoying The House at Riverton. I’ve also started The Mountain Between Us. We’ve read Martin before for book club, and I really enjoy the realness of his characters. Mountain is about a plane crash in a remote area and how the survivors move forward in their new reality… stressful in places, but riveting!

I hope your reading and knitting has made you happy this week!

{Yarn Along} Moss Stitch

Yarning Along with Ginny:


This isn’t the best pic of my current project, but it’s the only one I’ve got, and after a busy day, it’s what you get! This is the cloche I mentioned here. I’m loving the simplicity of this pattern. The double moss stitch is just enough to keep me on my toes, but mindless enough for tv or backyard knitting. The yarn is soft and great to work with, but I’m only using a US 6, with the yarn held double, and after about 6 rows, my hands start to scream for a break. It’s making for very slow progress. I’ll get there eventually, I’m sure.

I’ve finally gotten far enough into The House at Riverton by Kate Morton to not feel bogged down by it, and I’m really enjoying it. I finished Arcadia by Lauren Groff last week. I HIGHLY recommend it. This read was my third start of the book, and boy, I’m glad I finally finished it. (Book club to the rescue!) It’s a deeply engrossing story with characters that jump right off the page. Groff’s story won’t leave me for some time, I’m sure.

I’m not sure I’m going to have much time to pop in to see what everyone’s doing this week. It’s crazy around here, and I’m participating in the August Break again. So until next time, Happy Knitting!