{Yarn Along} Begin Again

Yarning Along with Ginny:

I had to rip back my fingerless gloves.


I am not happy.

The upside? I get to start them with a Latvian braid. Upon discovering how easy this technique actually was, I really wanted the mitts to start with a braided edging, but it didn’t seem worth it to rip them back just for that. When I dropped a stitch that I couldn’t recover, it seemed the perfect time to add one.

My reading is much the same: sporadic, at best. And it’s my month to choose for book club…  ugh!

I hope your knitting is moving along better than mine is right now!

{Weekending} Art of All Kinds

Sharing my weekend with Karen and friends:

This weekend has been a busy one. It’s been groceries and dropping The Teen here and there and movies and knitting and time at the warehouse prepping concert gear with Amante.

photo 1


The sun is shining. My attitude has been up and down, but I’m doing best to boost my spirit with tea and conversation, both things that make me happy.


Kate and I made some art to hang over her bed. She was really proud of the balls that she cut out and painted. I need to go over it with some gel medium to really seal it all down, but we hung it anyway. She was too excited to wait!

Last night, my neighbor (the one I’m growing a great and much prayed for friendship with) dropped by to borrow a DVD and held out a bag to me.

“I got your Christmas present,” she said.

I opened up the bag and jumped up and down. Inside, was this:

photo 3

She had seen my yarn rolling around causing me trouble the other day and she saw the yarn bowl and thought of me. I’ve wanted one forever!

photo 4

Both skeins won’t fit in the bowl, but I think it will be ok, since I’m pulling from the center on the red skein. The blue is what really seems to roll around. I’m hoping that this curbs some of that frustration.

I hope your weekend was splendid, friends… tell me, what did you do on your days off?

School Days, Golden Rule Days

There’s a very good reason I’ve neglected to post this week.

photo 1

We started school!

photo 2

For the first time, the 12 year gap between my girls seems very real. I remember feeling very old as I dropped my sister off for her first day of high school and drove over to the big building to begin my senior year. It’s crazy to me to think that I have a senior and a kindergartener in the same house. It’s not how I thought the plan would look, but man, do I love them.

photo 3

The routine has been good for all of us. Class work is one more area where I have to be intentional about my time with Kate. We sit at the dining room table and go through the subjects together. It means that, for the most part, the times in the afternoon when I do have things to do that don’t include her go more smoothly.

photo 4

The Teen is working mostly independently on things that will prepare her more fully for the future. She’s got an audition coming up in a few weeks for Mary Poppins at the local theater that she is a part of and she’s spending time preparing for that too. If she doesn’t get into the cast, she is planning on crewing the show instead. We figure that either way, it will be a valuable experience, and she’s looking forward to it.


And me? I’ve been plugging away at various projects around here. I finished the first sock of Kate’s hand-knit pair, got some organizing done in the basement, got freezer jam made, and have been spending time with a neighbor that is quickly becoming a good friend. I’ve also been pattern hunting on Ravelry, and I think I’ve decided on a mitt pattern for the birthday yarn I’ve set aside for some fair isle. I will do the fingerless version. I think the yarn will be stunning in the pattern, but not too hard for this busy tired mom.

One last thing for today. I’ve been reading Sarah Addison Allen‘s books for sometime, but only recently fallen head over heels with her writing. If you love a magical story with great characters, check her out. She writes about the deep south and all the places and things that make that place awesome. I’m reading Lost Lake right now and can’t recommend it enough.

Happy weekend, friends. I hope it’s a good one. Lord willing, I will be back on Sunday to share what we did over our days off.