Above the Waves

I haven’t posted in a week.

I’d like to say “so much has been going on” but mostly, it’s been busy of my own making.

{You know the kind} 

The busy that holds the anxiety and emotions at bay.


This past weekend marked 3 months since losing someone precious to me. I’m not over it. But I’m moving into a new space with it. A space where instead of being raw all the time, I’m only raw when I remember. It’s happening less and less.

The older I get, the more I experience loss, the more I realize that it never ever goes away. It just shifts and changes and is carried quietly with you.

Ginny lost a dear friend this week. It was all very sudden, and those losses, I think, are the hardest. Though being prepared for death only lessens the sting a little.

Kate slipped on a wet tile floor at the grocery store on Sunday afternoon and cracked her head. HARD. The goose egg appeared immediately, and Amante did what he needed to do to notify the management that she had slipped, then came to find me. I was shaking as I pushed my cart with one hand and called the after hours line with the other.

A head injury.

It seems random to mention that here, in the middle of a discussion about loss, but is it? Head injuries can be swift and severe.


And while this one was nothing more than a goose egg and several sleepless nights monitoring her, it reminded me how quickly lives can change.

There’s so much in the news that’s awful right now. So many headlines and personal tragedies to upset us. There’s stress financially, emotionally, physically.

These are scary days, friends.

I’m not posting a yarn along post out of respect for Ginny’s friend. Out of respect for those around the world mourning loved ones and friends today. And I’m putting this on repeat:

Because one more time, I don’t have any answers outside of His Love.

{Yarn Along} It’s a Start

Yarning Along with Ginny:

I’ve not made a lot of progress with my knitting this week. That does not, however, mean I haven’t been knitting!

I cast on and worked a few rows on another dishcloth.


I also talked with a neighbor about the hat she would like me to make for her for the upcoming winter. She’s been looking for a nice cloche for some time, and I think we have found a pattern that will really be great for her.

cloche(click photo for credit) 

The construction is simple. Just basic increases and decreases to make a flared hat. Where I’m struggling is with a yarn choice. The yarn listed for the project is one that I can’t get locally. It needs to be a heavy worsted/aran with a good amount of bite. I need to get about 12 stitches per 4 inches and the pattern calls for holding the strands double. My “client” wants something like Madeline Tosh, but I’m a little worried that it’s too smooth. I would love your suggestions. She wants a dark black or charcoal color. And as a knitter, I’d love to find something with a little contrast or heathering to make the project a bit more interesting.

Leave your suggestions in the comments!

{Weekending} Work

Weekending with Karen:

Some weekends are more about the doing than the slowing.

photo 1

This was one of those.

photo 2

We worked on the car, ran to Lowe’s for car parts, got groceries, cleaned up the house, and did yard work. There were conversations over car parts, conversations with neighbors, and conversations with the kids. We took long walks each night before bed.

I’m finally getting around to writing this post and realizing that I’m almost more worn out today than I was on Saturday morning when I woke up! Good thing there are no real plans for the week so far. We can ease in to it.