{Yarn Along} Wool for Warmth

Yarning Along with Ginny:

I am floored by how busy a little snow can make a person. We got dumped on Monday and Tuesday! The roads are just today becoming less hazardous. I got some knitting done between shoveling out though!


Kate’s socks are coming along for sure… though I had a heck of a time picking up stitches for the gussets. I’m back on track now, and just have to find the time to finish the foot and toe.

And I cast on a new wool beanie for Amante yesterday.


The poor guy’s ears are cold when he’s clearing the snow! The pattern is a simple slipped stitch one, but it’s making a quilted effect that should be very warm.

I’m still reading Anne of Green Gables and loving it. I can’t believe it took me so long to get around to this one…

Hope your knitting this week has been happy!

First Snow

Turns out that for once, the local forecast was right.

I got the leaves up just in time.


I’m doing my best this year to have a good attitude about the snow. I shoveled the front walk this morning. Not because it particularly needed it, but because I’m striving to embrace the routine of clearing snow. I’ve talked before about how good routine is for me. It grounds me, gives me a foundation to lay my day on, and reminds me that the work I do as homemaker and mother has meaning. I figure that if clearing the cold white stuff is something I have to add to my winter days I may as well choose to enjoy the time.


Kate is the perfect age to still love the snow. Amante and I have talked (off and on, and pretty seriously at times) about moving somewhere where snow isn’t in our vocabulary. I don’t know if that will ever happen. That said, I want to give her as many wondrous snow filled days as I can, just in case it does. We walked to the library in the falling flakes this morning.

It was cold. I won’t lie.

But it was also fantastic.

There’s nothing quite like a child in the sparkling snow. The sun came out and everything shimmered for a minute. It made the chill worth it. I am praying for the grace to keep this first snow in my heart this winter.

I think it will make the long cold dark days a little brighter.


{Yarn Along} Pink Socks

Yarning Along with Ginny:

A quick post today…

IMG_8039These are new socks (two at a time, no less!) for the smallest girl. I’m using this pattern… kind of. I say kind of, because I can never leave a pattern alone.

I’m reading Anne of Green Gables, and that’s my Kelly Minter Bible study book in the photo, because I was knitting at my study this am. Now, I’m off to rake the leaves before we get snow tonight.

I guess that’s what I get for leaving them till the last minute, right?