Bulk cooking – simple dishes that you can make a whole bunch of

breadCooking usually gets all of us at one point in life. It just becomes a lot of a hassle. If you do it every day, it becomes an obligation and yet cooking is something so beautiful. Avoiding that feeling of obligatory cooking is the number one thing you need to keep yourself happy if you’re a stay at home mom. Even if you’re staying at home and one of the things you need to do is cook, it gets dull. Of course you’d like to spend some quality time with yourself, crafting your skills and playing with your kids.

I’ve already written about ways to be a happier stay at home mom. This post is about some high quality, really easy dishes that can be made in bulk and kept in fridge or even frozen so you can have that lunch whenever you need it. Oh, and if your kids are living away from you, this is definitely something they’d appreciate. A little bit of mom’s cooking never hurt anybody!


Is lasagne your favorite? Do your kids enjoy it as much as you do? I bet they do and guess what? I bet that you enjoy making it as it is so easy. But how do you make it last longer than those 2-3 days in fridge? Here are the instructions for freezing lasagne:

First of all, leave it to cool down after cooking. This is important because if you put it hot in a freezer you will melt everything there is in your freezer, which you probably don’t want to. Another reason is that freezing won’t be as good as it is when it’s cooled down. After it’s fully cooled down, simply put it in a plastic bag or along with the dish you made it in (please, check if the dish is freezer-friendly) and pop it into your freezer.

When you’re about to eat it, defrost it over night in a fridge and then warm it up in the oven, covering it with tin foil to keep lasagne moist.

You can find my favorite lasagne recipe here.


How about some spicy food? I bet you like chilli, moreover you like the way it’s made as it is really, really easy. But what about freezing? It really simple.

Cook it as normal. Allow it to cool down. Put it in plastic bags or Tupperware box or whatever you prefer. Put it in freezer. Done.

Defrosting? Nothing simpler. Put it in a fridge overnight for it to defrost. Put it in microwave or oven on smaller temperatures once you’re ready to eat it. I told you it was simple.

My best recipe can be found here.


Truth is, I can go on and on about various foods, recipes and freezing methods, but there is a rule of thumb: everything you cook has to be cooled down before you put it in a freezer. Everything you defrost needs to lay in fridge overnight. Afterwards, you warm it up by your preffered method. That’s up to you.

Now, I don’t know about you, but bulk cooking really made my life easier. My kids are happier, my husband is happier, and above everything else, I have a lot of free time which I can dedicate to myself. Isn’t that one of the most beautiful things there is?

Try it once and you’ll never go back. Also, I recently found a method for freezing steaks, although I haven’t tried it yet. Take a look and if you want to, try it then tell me how it went. You can find it here.

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The Best Five Backyard Toys For Kids

backyard toys and trampolineIf you have kids in your home and a backyard you are going to want to have toys out there for them to play with. There are a lot of different toys you can choose from to create a kid friendly backyard. Here is a list of the top five backyard toys for kids.

1. Sand Box

Every backyard needs a sand box. Kids can do so much with it. They can build, create and have a lot of fun with it. You can buy a plastic one or you can build one out of wood. In some cases you can use what is already out there. Make sure it has a cover so that you can keep unwanted guests out of it when the kids are not using it.

2. Swing Set

This will be a very important toy because so many kids can play with it at the same time. You can put in a very simple one with just a few swings or something a lot greater with slides and a clubhouse. You can stick with metal which is cheaper or go with a wooden one which will cost you a little more but has a little more to it. Find something in your budget that you think your kids will really enjoy and make sure to follow all of the directions when you are getting it set up.

3. Tricycles and Bikes

It is a good thing for kids to get out and ride their bikes. When they are young they can learn in the backyard. You should make sure you have an area that they can ride them. If you don’t, you can add some pavement so that they have a space. Grass doesn’t work well with bikes. If you have a little patio it is perfect for preschool children to ride around on their bikes and enjoy the outdoors.


This is a fun toy that even adults can enjoy. It is a place where kids can jump and get out their energy. They can jump around with friends or just sit and talk with them. Make sure to put a safety net around it to cut down on the chance that someone will fall off. Invite all the neighborhood kids over to jump once you get it installed and you will be the most popular home on the street.

5. Playhouse

These are great because you can get them in different sizes, colors and themes. The kids can go in and play for hours. They can pretend it is their own home, keep smaller toys out there and have a good time with it. Make sure that whatever you might get is water proof and that it will fit in your backyard. You might consider getting a more permanent one vs plastic as it will last longer.

When trying to decide what to get, think about what your kids enjoy doing and how you want them to spend their outside time. Once you know that you can find the toys that they will get the most out of and put them in the back yard for your kids to play. You can watch what toys they tend to play with when you are visiting others to get a sense of what they would like in their own backyard.

Make sure to shop around to see if you can find everything within your budget. You also might consider going to yard sales to look for toys. A lot of families are trying to sell toys their own kids will no longer play with. Your family can give these toys a new home.

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The Absolute Necessity Of Child Supervision

kid about to fallThere is simply no alternative to proper child supervision because as soon as you turn your back on your two to three year old, they can be in danger. Children are naturally curious, and it seems that they can easily located the most dangerous item in any given area.

They love to explore everything, yet they have not yet learned what is dangerous and what is not. Light sockets, water boiling on the stove, the sharp knife left on the counter and many other seemingly normal items, can be incredibly dangerous for small children.

This is why a parent has to follow their toddler around and say, “no, no” to just about everything that the child touches, or place them in a playpen when other matters have to be attended to.

Yes, the child will occasionally cry and be displeased when kept from going to the next shiny object, but isn’t that just part of growing up and learning? Of course it is, even though for the parent it can be repetitively exhausting.

After a while, the parent will see progress being made as the child will hesitate to see if the parent is still going to reprimand him if he grabs something dangerous. Soon, the child will come around and begin to understand and will look to the parent more in regard to what he can and cannot do.

Child supervision is not just meant for toddlers, as you will have to learn new supervisory skills as your child gets older. The secret for raising children is to always inspect what you expect. Children and teenagers are all very susceptible to the influence of their peers who don’t usually have much in the way of common sense either.

What you as a parent have to do is convince your child that you are going to lay down the law, and you are the sheriff. This is where lots of parents make the mistake of attempting to be their child’s friend. If you are the sheriff instead of your child’s friend, you just might possibly save your child’s life.

The most vulnerable years begin when children reach middle school age, when they really discover the opposite sex. Children begin to go through puberty at this time, and they discover that the opposite sex is attractively different and there really is something to this sex thing.

Here is where you not only have to be the sheriff, but you also have to be the posse, the jailer and the executioner (in jest only) meaning that “jail” should and will occur under certain circumstances.

You should really graphically educate your children as to how sex works, and of the ramifications that can occur from disease to an unwanted pregnancy. They should have a healthy respect for the fact that sex is really reserved for marriage, and not for a great fun fest in the eight grade.

When kids get to the point where they can drive, the fun really begins. You should take it upon yourself to be sure that your children have proper instructions both from knowing the rules and with training behind the wheel, even if you have to do that yourself.

Alcohol and drugs are out, and this is a tough one, because if your kids are in the public schools, the threat will be all around them. Even with private schooling, the threat can still be a real problem. Home schooling is the best choice, if you can pull it off, and not everyone can with career commitments and the like.

Raising kids can be a full time job, but if you stay the course and keep your thumb on things, the child knows that you are serious, and a sense of responsibility will form a strong deterrent with most children against danger, wrong actions and improper associations.

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Budget Conscious Homemakers

budget consciousPeople like to judge others and stay-at-home moms often have to deal with unwanted criticism, especially if they are struggling to stay within their budget for household and general living expenses.

Going out to work can cost you more. Consider all the extra expenses that will arise if you need to get a job – transport, clothing, meals, childcare, etc. You don’t have to go out and get a job and simply employing some frugal living tips can help you minimize your expenses.

1. Waste Not Want Not

In our home, everyone lives by the ethos of waste not want not. If you pick up a fruit, make yourself a sandwich or open a yogurt, make sure that you really want it and finish eating the food.

2. Stretch Those Meals

Cooking at home rather than eating out or ordering in will save you money and ensure that you and your family are eating a more healthy diet. You can further save costs by making one dish last longer by using the leftovers creatively. For example, if you make spaghetti bolognaise for supper, you can make mince on toast for breakfast or sloppy joes for lunch.

3. Cleaning Your Home

Household cleaners are often the most expensive items on your shopping list. Opt for house brand cleaners – they are cheaper and do the job just as well as well-known brand names.

Clean your house once a day and make the different cleaning solutions last longer. Never start your dishwasher unless it is fully stacked – in fact, washing dishes by hand is much less costly and will save you on your monthly power and water bill. Only do laundry when you have a full load ready.

4. Turn Off The Lights

I don’t know if your parents were always on your back about turning off the lights after you have left a room. As irritating as the constant reminders were when I was young, the fact is that you will save money if you only turn on lights and other power consuming appliances when you need them.

5. Save Water

Shower rather than bath. If you don’t have a shower or really prefer to bath, use the bathwater in other ways. You can water the garden and potted plants safely with bathwater. You can also fill up the cistern of your toilet with your used bath water. I live in a water restricted area and have also implemented a rule that the toilet should only be flushed when necessary.

Don’t buy bottled water. If your tap water is not 100% safe for drinking, you can use a water filter. I boil, cool and bottle water for my family every day rather than having to spend the extra money on buying bottled water.

6. Shopping

This is the area where you can save the most money. Try to make weekly or even monthly shopping trips rather than shopping every day for your daily necessities. Every time you walk into a shop, you are more likely to buy items that you don’t need and you should really watch out for that.

Make a shopping list and stick to it. Try to estimate the cost of a shopping trip by adding up the likely cost of each item that you will need to buy. Only take the amount of money that you will need with you and leave your cards at home. This will prevent you from purchasing any extra items that weren’t budgeted for.

Cut coupons or look for money saving deals from your local supermarkets. Shop around. You will be surprised at how much prices can differ between different retail establishments.

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The Importance Of Kids Playing Outside

outside is beautifulOutdoor play is often underappreciated for the value it brings to a child’s development. Kids who are not playing outside enough are hindering their own growth. It is essential for guardians to step up and encourage kids to go outside. In this day and age, playing inside is common with video games, computers, and handheld devices ruling the roost. Does it have to be like this all the time? No, those devices do have a role to play, but it is essential for the child to spend time outside as well and here are the reasons why.

Improves Social Skills

This is one of the immediate benefits noted by guardians in kids who are playing outdoors. They will improve their socialization skills over time. They will be communicating with those around them and will have the time of their lives while doing it.

This is not forced and they are able to understand how humans behave with one another.

Betters Vision

Their vision will improve as children are often used to looking in specific settings and at specific distances when they are inside. This is not the case when outdoors and such development is a must for those who want their children to remain healthy.

Helps With Vitamin D

Doctors are stating many children who are being diagnosed in this day and age have trouble with their Vitamin D levels. They have Vitamin D deficiencies and the numbers are often staggering when they should not be. In the past, this was not the case as most children would run to go and play outside. With the advent of new technologies, it is becoming harder to push them to go outside and play.

This is the reason for Vitamin D levels dropping in children when they should not be.

It is key to get them to go outside and play just to bring these levels up.

Less Stress

Stress is something many children are going to deal with and it is going to come out through indiscipline at home and in public spaces. This is never a positive and is quite frustrating for guardians who are trying to ensure their kids are getting the type of exercise they require on a daily basis.

Built up stress might start to come out in school or at home where they are always indoors. This is one of the reasons why schools promote recesses at a young age and have them multiple times a day.

Burns Off Excess Energy

A child will often have excess energy inside and this can start to take a toll on their health. They will either begin to fade away and fatigue easily over time or the extra energy is going to come out through indiscipline at home. This can be frustrating for guardians who are hoping for their child to develop properly.

With all of this pent up energy inside, it becomes imperative to find a way to let this energy out. What better way to do this than to go out and play? It is easily one of the best ways to help the child use some of this pent up energy in a productive and healthy manner.

These are just some of the reasons why encouraging children to go out and play is a must in this day nad age. Those guardians who are not doing this will be hampering the child’s development and this is the last thing you will want to do. Pay attention to how often the child goes outside and ensure there is a balance maintained between how often they are outdoors compared to time spent indoors.

Being a stay at home mom simply helps with everything as you can monitor your kid while it is outside with his/her friends. it truly is a magnificent lifestyle.

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6 Tips for Being a Happier Stay at Home Mom

happy familyFor years, women have been told that they can have it all – they can be successful career women and also have children and be great mothers. While that’s true, to an extent, you don’t have to pursue everything if you don’t want to. Many mothers are happy just doing one or the other. If you opt to be a stay at home mom you can enjoy yourself and be proud of what you are doing.

Being a stay at home mom can be a brilliant way of raising a child; it is fulfilling and it gives the child a headstart in many ways because they benefit from the individual attention of one parent all day. However, it can be stressful and isolating. Here are six things that you can do to help make being a stay at home mom less draining and more fun.

1 – Make Time for Adult Company

As much as your children are the centre of your world, especially when they are young, they should not be the only thing in your world. Make time for yourself – time where you get to be alone or spend time with other adults – ideally someone other than your spouse.

You need time to talk about something other than children’s TV and what happened at kindergarden, and ideally that conversation shouldn’t be nappies or household bills either. Do you remember what it was like to talk about Game of Thrones with people who are old enough to enjoy reading the book as well as watching the TV show? Find that time to relax and unwind.

2 – Take Up a Hobby

One thing that many stay at home moms complain about is that they feel like they are losing their identity. This is partly from the isolation and partly from the feeling that their whole schedule revolves around catering to other people. It’s easy to let your identity become the milestones that your child goes through – especially if you spend a lot of time around other mothers. Instead of getting swept up in discussions about first words, and the age at which they learn to walk, give yourself something else to focus on. As cynical as it may sound, this will help to stop you feeling the need to live vicariously through your children.

3 – Watch Your Diet

When you have to take care of young children, it’s easy to be left feeling tired and drained. Watching your diet will help to ensure that you have plenty of energy, and that you always feel good about yourself. You cannot give your children the best possible care if you don’t feel good. So, find convenient healthy recipes and make sure you always have healthful snacks on hand. If you lead by example, your kids are more likely to stay healthy, too.

4 – Involve Dad

It’s important to make sure that the dad is involved in the parenting. What often happens is that mom does most of the work, but dad is the ‘bad’ figure that doles out punishment, or the ‘good’ figure that lets the kids have pizza when mom is out with her friends for a night off. Neither of these choices are ideal. In a balanced household both parents will share in the fun bits and the boring bits of parenting. So yes, the stay at home mom might do the school run, in the morning but that doesn’t mean that dad can’t take the kids to the games on the weekends. Shared responsibility is important for keeping both parents involved in the child’s life. A child needs both an involved father figure (rather than one that just works) and a mother figure that nurtures them. Having both will take some stress off for the parents too.

5 – Take a Side Job

Try to find a work from home job that you can do while the little ones are at school, while still having time to keep up with your family obligations. Look for something with flexible hours. Even if your husband makes enough to comfortably support the family, you should still consider taking a job, because it will give you some feeling of independence, and some side money that you can use to treat yourself, the kids, and your husband. If his income is mostly going on bills, then the odd treat here and there will go down well!

6 – Don’t Compete

Don’t worry about competing with working mothers or even other stay at home mothers. Don’t get drawn into debates about whose job is harder or what is more deserving. Remember that every family faces its own challenges, and what works for one family may not work for another. Do not judge other families, and do not worry about them judging you.

Remember that every parent will be stressed from time to time, and sometimes they might say something to you that offends you. There is a good chance they don’t mean it – or even realise that it is offensive to you. So, try not to worry about what they say. Just get on with looking after your family in the way that suits you best, and let them focus on their own families.

Finally, remember that you have a support network of friends and family members out there to call on, and they are there to help you when you need it – just as you can and should help them. Decades ago, the whole community was involved in raising children, and many communities are trying to get back to that. Why not try to encourage that old attitude in your area? Talk to the people you know best, and agree to look out for each other’s kids. It’s a small thing, but it will give you peace of mind while your children are playing outside, and it will help you to raise confident, independent children with good manners.

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Why Being A Stay At Home Mom Is A Great Choice

elders with granddaughterThe decision to be a stay at home mom or not can be a difficult one. There are a lot of benefits to it and it can be a great choices. It might not be for everyone but a lot of people really enjoy it and are glad they decided to stay home with their children.

The first reason it is such a good choice is because when you are a stay at home mom, you don’t have to be away from your children. You get to be there to take care of them and experience everything that they go through. You won’t have to worry about being at work when they first start to crawl or walk. You won’t have to worry about feeling jealous of someone else who gets to be with your kids during the day while you work.

It is a good feeling to be able to be there for everything. You also get to spend your time doing all the daily duties. This might seem a little overwhelming but it is also a very fulfilling to know you are the one that gets to do all of those tasks. Even something as simple as putting the baby to bed can be comforting when you can do it yourself each and everyday.

Another great reason for being a stay at home mom is so that you can save on daycare costs. Depending on the type of job you might get, after daycare costs you might not have much left. This can be frustrating and can make someone really think about if they want to work or not.

By staying home you also can save on gas and clothing costs. This is important because it is something not a lot of people think about. In order to figure it all out you need to sit down with your budget and see how much money you would need to make so that it would be worth it. If the numbers don’t add up it would be better to be a stay at home mom.

Another benefit to staying home is that you have a lot more time for house cleaning and tasks around the home. You won’t be as rushed and you can make sure you get everything done in a timely manner. You won’t have to spend your entire weekend cleaning.

It is nice to be able to have that in a home and it takes the pressure off of the working parent. It can allow you to have more family time and to not always worry about how clean your house it. It takes a lot of work but it is worth it.

By being a stay at home mom you are able to help your husband out. You can make sure he always has clean clothes and that he has dinner when he gets home. This is an even bigger plus for someone who works a lot of hours. It makes for a better home life.

If you are trying to decide on whether you should be a stay at home mom or not, think of all the great things about it. Think about if you can afford to do so and if you can’t what you could change to be able to do it. Sometimes cutting out a few bills can help allow a parent to stay home.

Think about what would be best for your family and go with that. You will be glad that you did what was best and what will work best for you, your kids and your whole family

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