{Weekending} That Easy?

Weekending with Amanda:

Grace filled days. Good ones, in ways hard to describe.


Hours spent at the tire shop getting the belts and seized pulley system fixed could have turned into a nightmare. Instead, we took a walk to the shops across the street and found this sweet Thomas play mat for the Toddler.


Amante had a conversation with a man who can only be described as eccentric. And I rode the wave, just enjoying the time with two of my favorite people.

Later, after a trip to the mall, we ate Chinese food for dinner, watched an old episode of this, and went to bed late. But not before Amante and Kate serenaded us with a rousing rendition of Tequila!


I had my most favorite cereal in the world for breakfast this morning. We are all snuggled in with books and blankets, looking forward to another day of going with the flow. The Teenager has a meeting for her June mission trip to Trinidad later, we need some groceries, and I have a shawl to finish.

I hope your days were filled with love and laughter. That’s the best weekend I can imagine!


  1. Oh my, I remember that cereal! My favorite was Peanut Butter Capt. Crunch out of the box!
    I love going with the flow, it’s a great way to spend the day and I hope yours is the best!

  2. lucky charms was my FAVORITE as a child :) Also we are gleeks here at this house, love that show, very entertaining. Glad you got your car all fixed up now, while riding the wave.

  3. My kids LOVED that stuff. Mine was Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries….right out of the box. I always enjoy meeting the eccentric. Helps broaden the mind and horizons. The Hubs can’t stand Glee, so I watch when he’s not around…that show helps make my heart happy.

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