{Weekending} Observations

Weekending with Amanda:

It’s been an odd week, leading to an odd feeling weekend.

photo 1-2

Do you ever feel like life is happening around you and you’re merely an observer, holding yourself close, not wanting to come out of your shell? There’s been much on my mind, nothing major, just enough to send me inward in many ways.

photo 2

This weekend was knitting, movie watching, Moog playing in the dark. We got Andrea’s for dinner. I’m still not used to gluten free pizza crust, but it’s growing on me, I think.

Today we will take the Teen to crew Les Miserables. They opened on Friday and she’s thrilled that despite multiple setbacks, things are finally running smoothly. Amante and I will putter around the house, hang out with Kate, and be glad that today’s show is a matinee instead of another 11 pm downtown pick up in the snow.

Happy Weekend!


  1. I hope the odd feelings fade Erin and you find a sense of peace.
    I adore the photo today, Kate looks so sweet.
    Oh, Les Miserables, a favorite.

  2. busy times for you! I sometimes feel like that when there is change in the horizon. Watching a teen become an adult can sometimes do it too :)

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